Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Laaptu Auto Guessing Script

Hello Readers, today we are back with new trick on Laaptu. Using this trick you easily earn free recharge from laaptu. Many of you might know what is laaptu, if you don't know here is a quick review on Laaptu.
Free Recharge On Laaptu

Review On Lapptu:

  • Laaptu is a free recharge providing website.
  • You get RS 2 as joining bonus.
  • You can invite your friend and earn RS 1 for it.
  • Minium recharge amount is RS 10.
  • It also provides another way to earn free recharge.
  • You can earn recharge by filling wallet, you just have to guess answer.
  • You get 2 paise for every guess you make.
  • You also get 1 paise daily just for visiting laaptu.
  • If you don't have laaptu account then join here.
So, are you ready for free recharge. Just Follow below steps.

Laaptu Auto Guessing Script:

  • We are providing you a script by which you have to do nothing.
  • Just go to laaptu, click on fill wallet.
  • Done! all answers will be guessed automatically.
  • Download the script from here.
  • To run the script you need have Greasemonkey addon installed in Mozilla.
  • Download Greasemonkey here(if you don't have it)
Laaptu Auto Guessing Script

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